Friday, October 10, 2008

Celebrating her 95th year...

My Great Grandma Mary is celebrating her 95th birthday today. My Great Grandma who still lives alone in her 3 bedroom house, because assisted living facilities are for "old people." My Great Grandma who at the age of 5 left Italy, her land of birth, on a boat bound for the USA with her parents. My Great Grandma who married another Italian here in the states, and who I remember speaking in Italian with Great Grandpa when she didn't want us grand kids to understand what they were saying. (My mom says growing up she knew all the Italian cuss words thanks to Great Grandpa's use of them thinking he was fooling the grand kids.) My Great Grandma who used to tell me a story about a little mouse, making a prop from a hankie. My Great Grandma who is kind and loving and who I feel so fortunate to have had in my life for over 33 years.

Happy Birthday Grandma. We love you!


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Anonymous said...

Jennifer -
I love what you wrote about Grandma!! Thank you