Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's To Do List...

  • Balance the checkbook and pay bills. Check! (And I'm choosing NOT to freak out about finances today even with the reality of the numbers staring me in the face.)
  • Complete 3 PTO tasks in relationship to the upcoming Fall Festival, the collection of our dues, and the t-shirt project.
  • Get a handle on the dishes!
  • Clean more than just a path through the living room so that I can vacuum.
  • Have a conversation with Lexi about her birthday. (Meaning, trying to find a compromise between what she wants...a full out My Little Pony party with ALL her friends...vs. what I want...something involving a LOT few kids and no cheesy theme for which we have to buy crap.)
  • Hit the grocery store.
  • Watch The Biggest Loser. (Hey, every girl has her vices.)
  • Take a nap. (I know this one isn't going to happen, but it's nice to think that maybe it could.)
I think I have a busy afternoon ahead of me considering it's already 1:00!


1 comment:

Sara said...

Hope your birthday party goes well! and better than ours - which included the burial of our hamster, Frankie, upon his death notice delivered by 7 7-year-olds and a little sister! Unforgettable for sure!