Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thoughts From The Shower...

I get ideas for posts at the most inconvenient of times. Like:
  • When I'm driving long distances.
  • Riding my bike solo.
  • Taking a walk.
  • Admittedly, sometimes during final relaxation when I'm teaching yoga.
  • In the shower.
What is it about the shower? I used to plan my day and problem solve in the shower all the time when I had a regular 8-5 job. Maybe it's the nakedness. Humor me for a minute here. What if removal of clothes = removal of mental boundaries? Now there's a thought for your morning. I had a friend email me a thought she had in the shower the other I know I'm not alone with my brilliant shower moments.

Last night (and actually it started with an idea for a different post, only now I can't remember what that train of thought was because I got side tracked onto this one) I was thinking about this whole shower thought process and decided to start having a "regular" feature here called Thoughts From The Shower. I say "regular" because well, thoughts in the shower aren't always predictable AND with my teaching schedule, when I shower isn't always predictable either. But I still want to give it a go because some of my favorite blogs have regular features.

Like Andrea at hula seventy has Photobooth Friday. (I have never met this woman but her and her husband's blogs were some of the first I started following, totally ran across them randomly, when I started my blog and I still enjoy the fabulousness that is Andrea's site...the words, the photos. And they were the ones who first introduced me to regular features. )

Then there's Heather at dooce and her daily series...Daily photo, Daily Chuck, Daily style.

Even my good friend Marie who is new to the blog world is giving a shot at a regular feature...Things that keep me up at night.

So far these are things that I think will be my biggest challenges with the project:

1. Remembering to label my posts. I'm BAD at labeling posts and then I find myself spending crazy amounts of going back in some effort to organize my many musing here on this spot.

2. Figuring out how to quick type out my thoughts while still half wet and wrapped in a towel...because you know if I wait until I'm dressed, thoughts are often lost. (Though I did wait to post this until this morning because last night's shower ended at 10:15 pm and really, I just needed to go to bed.)

So there you have it. Installment ONE. Check.


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