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Seven years ago yesterday, at 7:18 pm, the words "It's a girl!" forever changed our lives. What an amazing journey parenting has proven to be. Each year as we celebrate Lexi's birthday, I take pause to be thankful for both the experience and the amazing little lady who came into our lives on that day.

I'll admit, I'm not much of a big birthday party kinda mom. So our birthday celebrations tend to be pretty low key. Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day, not unlike the day Lexi was born. After a morning trip to the coffee shop for chocolate milk and a cinnamon roll with Dad (while I was teaching class), we loaded up the birthday girl (and her silly little sister of course) and made the 30 minute drive to the Hinegardner Orchard near Montour for some apple pickin'. The girls and I had first visited the orchard 2 years ago with Lexi's preschool, and it has since become one of our favorite fall destinations.

The last time Brea visited the orchard she was confined to the snuggly, strapped to Mommy. This year she got to participate in filling our bushel basket with a colorful array of apples.

Notice the signature Mavin concentration tongue.

To our surprise, some of the trees a ways into the orchard that the last time we visited were bare, this year hosted a healthy crop of pears!

The pears were a bit more work to pick, requiring the assistance of one of those long handled fruit picking baskets. But sooooooo worth the extra effort.

It was a lovely family outing.

We loaded our nicely filled basket into the back of Velma, shined up an apple for each of the girls to eat during the drive, and headed home for the next part of the celebration...the pizza making, movie watching, sleepover part.

Allison arrived around 4 and our house was immediately filled with crazy giggles, more than what you would assume 2, 7-year-olds and a tag-a-long 2-year-old could produce. The girls played, taking advantage of the nice weather, while I prepared the dough and toppings to put together our personal pizzas. I love making our own pizzas because everyone gets what they want without any compromise! Lexi: cheese. Allison: pepperoni and cheese. Brea: ham, olive and cheese. Mommy: lots of veggies, no sauce, and cheese. Daddy: lots of meat and cheese. (Plus, we make whole wheat crust...yummy!)

After pizza, and apples/pears with cream cheese dipping sauce for dessert, it was time for PJs and a movie. The night's feature flick, Barbie and the Diamond Castle. (I know, regardless of my personal views about all things Barbie, I have to remember to allow my girls to be girls...and I try to keep at least MOST of my negative Barbie comments to myself.) As you can see, the girls were TOTALLY engrossed in the cheesy storyline and really bad animation.

The girls FINALLY crashed out around 11:15 after a little over an hour of me venturing out to the living room to remind them it was time to quiet down. (Brea hit the wall around 10, which after a busy day with no nap, was late, late, late...hence why she slept in until almost 9 this morning!)

This morning started early for the big girls with them waking a bit before 7 and with SO MUCH ENERGY! We whipped up some of our favorite homemade waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and scrambled some eggs (and good, strong coffee for Mom and Dad), after which the girls ran off to make use of the short amount of time they had left together before Allison's parents arrived to pick her up.

Things are now quiet in our house. Lexi has asked for some quiet time to rest while watching a movie. Brea is busying herself between movie watching, apple snacking, and general 2-year-old busyness. Football is on in the livingroom and I'm enjoying the quiet hum of my computer. Overall, I'd say an enjoyable birthday was had. And just like that, we have a 7-year-old in da house!



Pink Heels said…
I remember with great enthusiasm the days when the whole family packed up and spent an entire day at the apple orchard. We would climb trees, pick apples, and simply run until our legs couldn't carry us any longer. My mom would always make apple pie that evening. Yummy!

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