Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Boy...

This is my boy.

Yesterday he turned 35. (Happy Birthday Honey.)

It's funny to think of him being in his mid-thirties, because I so often see him as the 18 year old I feel in love with all those years ago. (Maybe that's part of the reason I love this silly picture of him so brings out the boy.) Being that his birthday usually falls on/around the Labor Day weekend, we usually head down to KC for a visit at the in-laws. This year, various factors considered, we decided to stay home. The in-laws made the trip instead and we enjoyed a long weekend of activities. So much so the girls are BOTH zonked out for naps as I write this, trying to catch up on a little sleep following all the excitement. Even the dogs seem lazy today.

Scott's birthday started out quiet. We took our time getting up and around. Breakfast, laundry, dishes, play time outside, lunch...pretty much a normal Sunday. Then Scott's parents offered their grand parenting services for the afternoon/evening so that Scott and I could sneak off alone for the rest of the day. It always feels so luxurious to have a whole afternoon and evening to casually spend together without the worry of what time we have to be home to relieve the sitter. We headed to Des Moines for a couple quick errands and then met our friends Shannon and Allen at Bravo for some delicious Italian food on the terrace. Shannon discovered there was going to be live music at "the Creek", with Flipside performing at the little amphetheater from 5-8. They played a variety of songs, all with a little funk. We're always up for a little outdoor music fest. We were amazed at the number of people who came out with lawn chairs and coolers in tow to dance, chat, and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather. It was a perfect way to spend the evening. A quick stop at Target and homeward we turned.

One of the things I enjoy most about our date nights is the chance to talk about things we don't normally make time to talk about on a day to day basis. All sorts of things. Memories. Future dreams. Serious worries. Funny thoughts. And we flirt. It's times like these that my husband of 13 years can still surprise me. It's fun...and sexy... and why even through tough times, I have faith our marriage is one that will stand the test of time.

Today we are savoring the extra day "off". This morning I got up and around "early" (early for me, not so much for Laura) to get in a ride out to Rock Creek with Laura. It was a lovely morning for a ride. The in-laws took off for KC shortly after my return. We grabbed some early lunch, and Scott/Daddy saddled up for a nice long ride on Harley. No plan in mind other than to head towards Knoxville to pick up Allen and his bike and hit the open road. We'll hear him roll in sometime before supper. A perfect way to spend an extra lazy afternoon here at the end of summer.

Scott plans to use his "birthday money" for a new/second helmet which he hopes to pick up later this week at the Big Barn some night on his way home from work. A second helmet means hopefully you'll be hearing about MY first outing on Harley soon!


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