Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I blame this on her father...

Me: "Before supper I need you to clean up this area of your room...specifically all the stuffed animals."
Her: Sigh
Me: "I can clean it up instead?!?!?" (Which she knows translates into "If I have to clean it up you give me free rein to dispose of anything I see fit with asking you first.")
Her: "Ooh Kaay, I'll do it."

15 minutes later she walks into the kitchen while I'm starting supper to inform me she's cleaning out the little fabric box that holds her CDs.

Me: "Have you cleaned up the stuffed animals yet?"
Her: "No, I'm organizing my CDs."
Me: "I asked you to clean up your stuffed animals. Finish up with your CDs and focus on the animals."
Her: "Ooh Kaay."

15 minutes later I follow her down the hall and into her room after I discover she has the dusting wand in her hand...a tool not needed for picking up stuffed animals. The scene...no progress AT ALL with the stuffed animal area and now the CD project is 1/2 finished and in the middle of the floor.

Me: (Getting irritated mind you.) "Put the duster away, pick up your CDs, and get busy on the stuffed animal pile or I WILL DO IT and I don't think you want that."
Her: (Looking at me with a bit of an attitude in her eyes.) "BUT WHAT ABOUT MY BOOKS? They are a mess!"
Me: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Amazingly by supper, following a bit more discussion...the CDs were back in their place and the stuffed animals had been picked up.

The books are still a mess.


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