Monday, August 18, 2008

Photos by Lexi...

What's that old saying? Imitation is the best form of flattery...or something like that.

Being a parent of young kids often often provides a very honest reflection of the yourself. Both the beautiful and the ugly. On more than one occasion I've had to check my behaviors/language after having them displayed by my children. Those less than proud parenting moments that we all have that makes you wonder why the heck you thought you could responsibly raise a child.

On the flip side, I often find a smile growing from my very core as the girls lovingly imitate some of my more beautiful traits. Like when Brea gets out the yoga mat to teach "'oga"...standing still as night, hands folded in prayer. Looking as peaceful as an angle. Or when Lexi loving comforts and mothers her little sister after she's fallen or has been startled by a bug in the sandbox. She has a heart as big as the world.

Both of the girls have shown an interest in photography and love when I get the camera out to play. Lexi is always asking if she can take some pictures, so the other day I handed her the point & shoot digital and told her to go to town. The result; 40 or so photos, most featuring her sister, the dogs, or beloved toys.

Here's a small sampling for your viewing enjoyment:

What fun to get a little glimpse of how she sees the world at age six. So simple and pure.

She has a birthday coming up...I think it's time for her own digital camera. A shopping I will go...


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MS said...

Great photos, Lex! I especially like the shadow and shoes shot. You'll give your mom a run for her money soon!
:-) Monica