Tuesday, August 26, 2008


See that little banner at the bottom of the right hand column? The white and green one that says sitemeter? I am addicted to the information which that little banner provides about the visits to my little spot here.

For example:
  • At last check this spot has been visited 11, 270 times. (Probably a few more since it was several months after it's creation before I added the site meter to my blog.)
  • Most of my readers are friends and family here in the US, mainly in the mid-west region, BUT I've had people read my little musings just this past month in places as far away as Brazil and France. (It always gives me a little thrill to see a visitor has stopped by from some foreign land. What can I say, I'm a small town girl, I still get excited by silly things like that.)
  • The average length of visit: 1 min 37 seconds.
  • Over the past year my blog visits have steadily increased, as you can see by the handy little graph below. I'm pretty sure my activity on Facebook is directly responsible. (And possibly the effort I've made to more regularly post!)

  • Two people visited in the amount of time it took me to write this post.
Who knew you were all being watched so closely...


1 comment:

MS said...

Wow! Cool tool! You're getting famous, Jenn...