Friday, August 15, 2008

Buddha's Door...

I have several posts written in my head but have had little time to sit down and spill them out here on the blog. So since I've grabbed a little time tonight (pulling myself away from the Olympics), I'm going to make use of my time wisely and double post in an effort to free up some memory space!

Two weeks ago on a steamy Sunday night I headed out for an evening bike ride with Laura. When I returned home I found that new sidewalk chalk art had been created in my absence. Scott had helped Brea make this little rainbow and for some reason they placed a door under neath. Brea informed Scott it was a little door for Mommy's tiny Buddha. I had picked up a little red Love Buddha (who now lives at the side of my bed) at the yoga conference I attended in Chicago in May, and Brea is infatuated with him! She talks to him, holds him's very sweet to watch.

After hearing the story of the rainbow door, I had to take Buddha out, show him his door, and grab a pic for the blog. I didn't think about the fact the camera was cold from being in the comfort of our air conditioned house, while outside it was as warm and steamy as mid-day in the rain forest! I had to quick wipe the lens and snap the shot before it steamed over again. The result, a really bad photo...but with a bit of a dreamy feel.

It doesn't much matter to me the quality of the photo...the story it documents is too sweet to forget!


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