Saturday, August 2, 2008


One week post RAGBRAI and I'm starting to feel like a normal, fully functional humanoid again. Through all the transition and whining, I haven't forgotten to appreciate my many, many blessings in life:
  • 2+ wonderful weeks with my brother. Time very much needed after this past spring's events.
  • Adorable, adoring girlies who have the ability to make the whole world smile.
  • A loving and adoring husband whose warm embrace and passionate kisses melt my heart.
  • Puppy snuggles. I love those mutts!
  • Friends (who are really more like family) who love and appreciate me for who I am and with whom I will always share the special memories of RAGBRAI.
  • Loving family who are willing to spoil my family rotten while I'm away and who are there to chat when I'm trying to make sense of the world. (Thanks Mom!)
  • A career that I adore, with people who appreciate what I have to offer.
  • Very, very, special, beautiful, strong ladies who have shown me the true value of sisterhood.
  • The ability to do a little dance each and every day...even if it's in the changing room of a store while trying on clothes as it was last night!
The list could go on and on. I am sooooo blessed!

Today I'm headed out with treats in tow to visit my friends at the Tiny Circus work camp. If you haven't checked out their project yet, please do so. It's an amazing adventure, creative and fun, and one which I'm proud to help support...even if right now all I can offer are a few brownies and a little ice cream on a hot summer day!


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The Bairs said...

You've been up to a lot while we were away on vacation. Reading your blog I feel like I'm caught up on so many things!