Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st Grade, Day 1...

School has officially begun for the '08-'09 year, and look at us with a big 1st grader. Lexi's teacher this year is Mrs. Harms. Apparently 1st grade does seem like as big a deal as starting Kindergarten was last year for us. Yesterday was the open house which allows you to visit your new classroom, meet your teacher, and drop off all your supplies. Last year I took a ton of pictures during this visit...this year, I didn't even think to take out the camera. Oops!

(Side note...watching the new Kindergarteners walk into school yesterday, I was AMAZED at how little/young they looked. Did Lexi really change THAT much in just one year. Apparently, yes!)

And then this morning's photo session was less than smooth. It's gray and rainy (Can you imagine being a teacher today? 1st day of school and no outdoor recess because of rain. Teachers are saints!), I needed a little flash even outdoors, I forgot to switch the camera off aperture dependent metering for the first few shots so the light's all wrong...I think I should have had a little coffee BEFORE walking to school instead of waiting until after! Sheesh!

But photos snags aside, the morning went as smoothly as could be wished for. No fighting Lexi to get out of bed, only minimal reminders to finish eating breakfast in a reasonable time, I successfully made my 1st of 175 (give or take) PB&J sandwiches for the year, and the whole family was present to amble down the block to deliver Lexi to school. (Scott let work know he'd be in late today so he could be here with us. Thanks honey!) Success.

The house is quiet. Brea is playing away with the Potato Heads, patiently waiting for Mommy to finish typing so we can visit the coffee shop like I promised her we would this morning as a special treat. (OK, like we need an excuse to go to the coffee shop...I have been cutting back quite a bit lately so today actually will feel like a special treat!) I look forward to the end of the day pick up at 3 to hear all about the 1st day of 1st grade. I'm sure it will be great!


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