Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To the farm we go...

We took a little trip to the edge of town to visit our friend Carlos (or "Uncle Carlos" as the girls lovingly call him) at the Ferguson farm. He had something special to show the girls.

A box of baby chicks, that came into his care this past weekend.

25 chickies, destined for the dinner table. It's a cruel, cruel world...but these chicks will have a great life while it lasts. (I think my friend Nick things I'm a bad, bad mom for so bluntly explaining to Lexi these little guys fate. I figure, no need to skirt around the issue...she's gonna learn the hard facts of life eventually.)

The girls were of course enamored with the little balls of fluff. Brea wanted to pet each one. I think she was just making sure they were all soft. It was fun to share the chicks with the girls and talk to them about how when I was a little girl my mom (Grandma Shirley to them) raised chickens both as food and for eggs. At the time I hated those chickens and each year's slaughter. Little did I know how well it prepared me for future life. I've volunteered to lend a hand on "harvest" day...as long as I don't have to do the killin'.

Chicks with the purpose to provide eggs (layers) will be coming the end of July. I'm sure we'll have more fluffy photos to share then!

Thanks Uncle Carlos for sharing!


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