Friday, July 4, 2008

If I could pause time...

Brea has come into the age where I wish I could freeze time. The tiny little sentences, in that oh so sweet voice, that come out of her mouth make me smile...especially since there's often one slightly mixed up word. Like this morning at breakfast when she asked for help picking up her strawberry because it was "too easy!"

She loves to sing us little nursery rhyme songs. Her favorites include You are My Sunshine, "Tinkle, Tinkle" Little Star, and The Itsy Bitsy "Pider". Sunshine is fully animated and always includes a point out to her audience to let them know how much she loves them. Pider apparently just gets washed "off" the water spout by the rain, not "down" like I've sung for all these years. Little Star is the never ending song. It ends just like it begins, so she might as well just continue on. Eventually you can tell she's just like "enough already", stopping mid-verse to move on to her next adventure.

Brea has always been a cheery loving child and that trait continues to shine now that she can verbalize her emotions. Often I get the invitation to sit on the couch to "nuggle". She likes to share her nuggles too. If you have a lap, you're fair game...especially if there's a book around and you know how to read. One of her favorite books at the moment is All Tutus Should be Pink. She's heard the story so many times that if no one is available to read to her, she just sits down and tells the story to herself. Brea (and her parents) are SOOOO fortunate that she has a big sister who will tirelessly read to her day after day and who doesn't mind reading the same story for the 87th time.

Of course, life is not always perfect and neither is Brea. She's our independent, strong willed child who doesn't much like when she's told NO. And she makes sure to let you know just how she's feeling. But those moments are far out-shined by the joy she brings to our lives.

I remember thinking as Lexi moved through her year of 2, "Why would anyone wish away the terrible twos?" She was a complete joy at 2. So full of happiness and open to learning something new every single day. She was like a little sponge soaking up that life had to teach. And her sister, while her own person, has followed suit. I'll always remember the year of 2 as TERRIFIC for both of my girls. Once again I find myself trying to soak up as much as I can before it's gone!



krista said...

It does go by way too fast. Right now, we're visiting family, and Hannah keeps referring to us going to "Aabraska." I need to keep a list of cute things she's been saying.

krista said...

By the way, I'm so happy for Scott and your family and his new job. There are always things to learn through difficulty, but also such a blessing to see the end of a difficult journey! God bless!

Pink Heels said...

That is sooo sweet! It reminds me of when I was two...oh yes, I remember bits and pieces. I had my own language too. 'Goosa-bus' was a school bus. I thought that Mother Goose was on the school bus. And then 'gurts gun' was a squirt gun.

It is interesting how, as kids, we can't wait to grow-up. Yet when we are adults we wish that we were kids.