Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do a little dance...

We dance A LOT on RAGBRAI. Marie took this shot from our normal spot each night...front and center of the dance floor. People often ask how we can pedal our bikes all day and dance all night. Obviously they don't understand how much I/we LOVE to dance. Besides, we've decided it helps to work out any soreness. A little lactic acid removal booty shakin'.

Our crew doesn't just wait until the cover of dark and safety of the beer garden to dance. We dance on our bikes if the mood strikes us. We create our own little dance floors in pass through towns...especially if we can get the DJ to take requests. We dance in the 'Stream...this year I believe there was even a little dancing in our fantabulous outdoor shower that Carlos and Jason fashioned for the sexy silver lady.

We've meet some great people on the dance floor (Kim, I know your reading...HI) and have partied to some great bands. (Can you say Zydeco?!?!) We've dance through lightning and in the rain. (Ahhh...Independence '07.) It's one of the parts of RAGBRAI I miss the most....dancin' till the music stops...every night!

Sunday after we got home I had a little Marley playing while we were making breakfast. Jason grabbed Brea and started dancing around the kitchen. What a special moment I will always remember. I love my brother!

Later in the day after Jason had left for TX, Brea came up to me and asked "Will you dance with me mom?" Yes honey, yes I will. A little everyday.

So if you visit our house, watch out. A spontaneous dance party may be brewin'!



KHopkins said...

Ha! You caught me! Thanks for letting me join the parties "front and center," I had a blast! Thanks also for the invites to the 'stream... nice to have a little vaca from The Shortbus now and then! I'm having trouble transitioning... reality has hit like a brick wall. I guess I should take some time out today to "do a little dance."

I do enjoy reading your blog... love your photography and your insights to life... you have a knack for putting your thoughts into words!

Hope to see you soon... on the bike or the dance floor!! :)

Laura said...

I miss our nightly (and along-the-ride) dancing! I miss my sisters, and brothers!