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And just like that...

This morning my hubby set off for Des Moines and his new job...what we hope to be the start of a new career. This past year has been an adventure, one that we didn't expect, but for which I am thankful. We've learned so much in this past year of ups and downs. Things that are often taken for granted until your forced into examination.

A short recap: September 7th of last year, the Friday after celebrating Labor Day weekend in Kansas City with his parents, Scott was unexpectedly let go from a job he had taken here in town just short of a year before. It was a complete shock, and as is the case with many of those type of incidences, I can tell you almost every detail of that day. Let's just face the facts...we were scared shitless! During the next 5 months there were lots of ups and downs for us. Many which we kept hidden at home under the blanket of winter. We tried to keep things as "normal" as possible, for the sake of the girls and our own emotional well-being, but it was rough.

Then, just like everyone said it would happen, a switch was flipped, an offer was made, followed by another in less than 24 hours. We had a decision to make. Move to a new job in an old familiar location or stay here. In the end we choose to take the offer that allowed us to remain grounded in this little community we've come to know as home. A HUGE weight had been lifted from our shoulders.

Fast forward 3 months, and again, unexpectedly Scott found himself back on the job market. Sometimes things that seem like the perfect fit, the perfect solution, just don't work out. In this instance there's really no one to blame, no hard feelings, it just didn't work out. So, back to the drawing board we went.

This time though I think we were much more prepared emotionally for what was ahead. At first I was again panicked, my body remembering how awful and stressful this experience had been the first time around. I spent a good portion of the month of February this year sick and I'm convinced that it was my body letting go of all the stress, all the panic, all negative which it had fought during the previous 5 months. It was miserable and I didn't want to relive that experience.

Then life threw us some perspective. On the same day Scott was let go, my brother received his cancer diagnosis. Suddenly this thing that seemed so awful at first, was playing a small second fiddle. April 21st, a day I don't think I'll ever forget. A day that sent my world as I knew it crashing down, but which brought so many gifts into light.

Those who follow this blog know my brother has had the best outcome possible when it comes to cancer. He is cancer free...and already recovered to the point he'll be riding circles around me on the last of our training rides next week before we depart for RAGBRAI in 2 1/2 weeks.

And just as quickly as the switch flipped last time, we find ourselves celebrating a new job, a new career direction, and a new sense of peace with Scott's new employment opportunity. Yes, it means a return to commuting, but as we've discussed, there's worse things in life than a commute.

Along the way we've received so much support, so much love, and learned so much about ourselves it's hard not to be thankful for even this trying time in our lives. I've learned a lot about my a mother, as a wife, and as a friend. We also learned a lot about the strength of Scott and I's relationship. I truly believe that after going through this past year, we're ready to face whatever lies ahead in our lives...together.

Honey, I wish you the best as you enter into this new adventure. We'll always be right here by your side, cheering for you, and waiting for you to return home each evening. You're gonna do great. I truly feel like you're going to be doing what you were born to with people. I love you...deep down in my bones I love you.

Peg and Bob, thank you for your tireless and endless support. Your calls, your encouragement, your financial boosts, were all a big part of us getting through this past year.

Mom, Rod, and Jason, your emails, phone calls, words of encouragement and unconditional love through this all has meant the world to me. (And to Scott too.) I'm so fortunate to have you for my family!

Marie, Monica, Laura, and Jen...the four of you ladies mean so much to me I can't even begin to scratch the surface here. Your friendship, hugs, tears, the beers (and sometimes shots), endless cups of coffee, and true, sister like friendship warms my heart to the very core. I can't even imagine going through the past year without all of you by my side. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Aunt Kathleen, Aunt Pam, Meg, Megan, Shannon, Nikki, Jennifer, and so many others, thank you for your emails, phone calls, and words of encouragement. Our family has truly been blessed by your kindness.

Yes, it's been a rough year, but there's so much hope, so much possibility for our future. I can't help but be thankful about the path we have traveled and optimistic about the road ahead.



Anonymous said…
I am so glad Scott has found something else! I really hope this one works out... you know what they say, everything happens for a reason. Finding the right fit might just be it!
And, as in Duane's case, perspectives change... maybe the commute won't be so bad when compared to the struggles your family has had through the last year with this job search in. I know after Duane travelled for weeks 4-7 of Mena's life he is willing to commute and sit all day in traffic, as long as it means he can wake up every morning to see Mena's smiling face! It's all worth it.
The Bairs said…
Oh Mavin family - What good news we are so glad to hear. You all have been so positive and optimistic through this journey you should be proud of yourself. You've shown us how others cope in the face of adversity. Way to go!
Anonymous said…
What WONDERFUL news, Jen! I'm glad Scott has found something new! You'll have to tell us more about the job soon!
Kyle & Dan
Scott said…
I thank you and the girls for always being here to give me a hug. When people wouldn't call back even when you thought you'd knocked 'em dead! I would also like to thank everyone as Jenn has, but alas I am not as good with the blog thing!
Cheers to EVERYONE!!!
MS said…
Jenn, I'm just glad I could be here for you! I hated to see you and Scott go through such tough times, but you came through with flying colors! You're an inspiration and a shining example of handling life's ups and downs with grace.
Anonymous said…
You guys are great people and deserve the best. Just remember everything happens for a reason! This has only made your family and marriage stronger! We love you and can't wait until our next gathering!
Shannon and Allen

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