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Do a little dance...

We dance A LOT on RAGBRAI. Marie took this shot from our normal spot each night...front and center of the dance floor. People often ask how we can pedal our bikes all day and dance all night. Obviously they don't understand how much I/we LOVE to dance. Besides, we've decided it helps to work out any soreness. A little lactic acid removal booty shakin'.

Our crew doesn't just wait until the cover of dark and safety of the beer garden to dance. We dance on our bikes if the mood strikes us. We create our own little dance floors in pass through towns...especially if we can get the DJ to take requests. We dance in the 'Stream...this year I believe there was even a little dancing in our fantabulous outdoor shower that Carlos and Jason fashioned for the sexy silver lady.

We've meet some great people on the dance floor (Kim, I know your reading...HI) and have partied to some great bands. (Can you say Zydeco?!?!) We've dance through lightning and in the rain. (Ahhh…

What's time to a pig?

My friend Laura uses that expression when she's stressing about time. It makes me smile.

One of the strangest things about transitioning back into life after RAGBRAI is the concept of time. Here's a normal RAGBRAI day:

Get up.
Get ready, pack up camp, and have a snack.
Ride my bike.
Stop for food.
Ride my bike.
Stop for food and a lil' dance party to loosen up the hips.
Ride my bike.
Stop for food.
Ride my bike.
Get to camp, shower, find food and a beverage, hang out.
Head to the dance party with the crew.
Dance, dance, dance until the music is no more.
Back to camp, sometimes to chat more, usually just to hit the hay.

Notice the lack of time attached to our daily schedule. It's an amazing freedom just to be and live by our natural rhythms rather than by the clock. I'm hardly every aware of the time on RAGBRAI. I eat when I'm hungry. I dance when there's music. I ride my bike in amongst all of that.

Needless to say the transition back into "real" life …

Team 'Stream...

Home from RAGBRAI XXXVI and processing. Physically and emotionally recovering from an intense week of communal living and the challenges that come with spending 7 days traversing the varied Iowa terrain in the elements of nature on a bike. Tired, browned, a bit sore, and full of a whirlwind of emotion that's hard to explain to someone until they have experienced what is the phenomenon of RAGBRAI.

This year our crew took out on our own, living in a gorgeous old Airstream (and a few tents) driven by my very dear friend Marie. The brothers and sisters together again...with a few new members. A crew of 8, spanning 15 years in age, from various places across the country, and quite different lives outside of RAGBRAI. Put us all together and watch out! We bring the dance party everywhere we go and I can't imagine a group of people I'd rather share this experience with than our team. My love for each of them runs deep and true and forever. Their presence is missed today as I s…

The Wedding...

Saturday our friends Allen and Shannon tied the knot in a small, joy filled ceremony. Allen and Shannon are two of the most beautiful people I know. They are kind and loving and compliment each other so well. I'm so happy that their friendship is part of our reality. And as you can see, they're pretty darn good lookin' too.

I am so honored that they entrusted me with helping them to preserve their memories of this special day in photos. As many can tell you, I was WAY nervous in the weeks leading up to the big day. And after feeling a little "in over my head" at the start of the day (even though I was really trying to exude confidence!), I did find myself falling into a comfort zone by day's end. (I'm sure Scott would agree that I'm pretty good at being in charge...ordering people around...whatever you want to call it.) Even though the ceremony wasn't until 4:00 pm, I awoke at 4:45 am with my mind whirling with ideas. Now that it's all sa…


Today was a big day for Lexi. At swim lessons this morning, after many a failed attempt, she jumped off the diving board. I, unfortunately, was not in attendance...which partially may have been the reason she found the courage to show off for Uncle Jason. She is so proud of herself and promises to show me her courage tomorrow.

During lunch we were talking about her big event and she asked if we could have a party after supper to celebrate. I assumed she meant a trip to our favorite sweet treat spot, Dairy Barn, but decided to ask her what she had in mind.

She paused and then said, "What's that day when we have turkey to eat?"

"Thanksgiving?" I asked.

"Yes, let's have a party like Thanksgiving. Only without the turkey."

Huh? She's ok with a trip to Dairy Barn instead.

Kids. Too funny.


Have you ever...

I'm having one of "those" days today. You know, the kind where you've been super busy all week and your body is starting to wear down and while you feel really productive on one hand, on the other you're completely overwhelmed by the thought of having to finish out the rest of the week with everything that's left on the "to do" list. The type of day where innocent comments are taken the wrong way so that suddenly you find yourself on the verge of tears for reasons you're not even clear about. The type of day when you just want to lay down for a little nap because you're exhausted, but as you lay there resting your mind is running a hundred miles a minute so it's not restful at all but rather just adds to the anxiety about how busy and tired you feel AND that now you're wasting time not doing anything.

That's where I'm at today.


If I could pause time...

Brea has come into the age where I wish I could freeze time. The tiny little sentences, in that oh so sweet voice, that come out of her mouth make me smile...especially since there's often one slightly mixed up word. Like this morning at breakfast when she asked for help picking up her strawberry because it was "too easy!"

She loves to sing us little nursery rhyme songs. Her favorites include You are My Sunshine, "Tinkle, Tinkle" Little Star, and The Itsy Bitsy "Pider". Sunshine is fully animated and always includes a point out to her audience to let them know how much she loves them. Pider apparently just gets washed "off" the water spout by the rain, not "down" like I've sung for all these years. Little Star is the never ending song. It ends just like it begins, so she might as well just continue on. Eventually you can tell she's just like "enough already", stopping mid-verse to move on to her next adventure.


And just like that...

This morning my hubby set off for Des Moines and his new job...what we hope to be the start of a new career. This past year has been an adventure, one that we didn't expect, but for which I am thankful. We've learned so much in this past year of ups and downs. Things that are often taken for granted until your forced into examination.

A short recap: September 7th of last year, the Friday after celebrating Labor Day weekend in Kansas City with his parents, Scott was unexpectedly let go from a job he had taken here in town just short of a year before. It was a complete shock, and as is the case with many of those type of incidences, I can tell you almost every detail of that day. Let's just face the facts...we were scared shitless! During the next 5 months there were lots of ups and downs for us. Many which we kept hidden at home under the blanket of winter. We tried to keep things as "normal" as possible, for the sake of the girls and our own emotional well-being…

To the farm we go...

We took a little trip to the edge of town to visit our friend Carlos (or "Uncle Carlos" as the girls lovingly call him) at the Ferguson farm. He had something special to show the girls.

A box of baby chicks, that came into his care this past weekend.

25 chickies, destined for the dinner table. It's a cruel, cruel world...but these chicks will have a great life while it lasts. (I think my friend Nick things I'm a bad, bad mom for so bluntly explaining to Lexi these little guys fate. I figure, no need to skirt around the issue...she's gonna learn the hard facts of life eventually.)

The girls were of course enamored with the little balls of fluff. Brea wanted to pet each one. I think she was just making sure they were all soft. It was fun to share the chicks with the girls and talk to them about how when I was a little girl my mom (Grandma Shirley to them) raised chickens both as food and for eggs. At the time I hated those chickens and each year's slaughter. …