Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've seen these "tags" played out on other people's blogs, but have never been tagged myself. As of today that has changed. A childhood friend, Krista, tagged me the other day. I think some of these have specific rules. This one seems to be pretty open to interpretation. From Krista's post I assume I should list 3 answers under each heading and tag 4 people. Here goes!

My joys:
*My family.
*Friendships that nurture the many parts of my being.
*Yoga & cycling.

My fears:
*Loosing a loved one.
*Dying while my girls are young.
*Settling for "less" because I didn't have the courage to take a risk.

My goals:
*To raise strong, confident, compassionate women.
*To position myself professionally in a way that will allow me to make a modest living, doing what I love, under my own terms.
*To promote goodness, love, compassion, and peace in the world around me.

My current obsessions/collections:
*Yoga, healthy, wellness, and how to create a place for myself professionally while staying true to and nurturing who am I while providing for my family.
*My life according to the internet. (Blogs-both writing and reading; facebook; etc.) A subtopic here is the world of "professional" blogging and how people make a living from what they write and if I would ever pursue that endeavor or if taking that step would change my relationship to what I feel free to share here on my little site. More discussion on this topic may be seen in coming weeks.
*And because I'm a bit over-obsessed lately...photography and the process of creating through artistic endeavors.

Random surprising facts about me:
*When taking the Meyers Briggs personality quiz, I did not score ONE point in the extrovert category. Amazing to others (not so much myself), I'm all I.
*Growing up I attending not one, but two "one room" school houses. Our buildings had more than one room, but one teacher (and an assistant) taught the whole school, kindergarten through 6th grade, mainly in one room.
*I have hopes to add some new art to my body...ink...tattoos. (Yes Mom, it's true.)

Answering these isn't as easy as it seems at first glance!

And so now I tag...

Monica (Because I'm missing you while you're hangin' for a week in Indy.)
Laura (So you have something new to post so you can share your blog address with me!)
Megan (Because I'm sure you don't have enough to write about after your trip to Chicago.)
Nikki (Because the years and the distance between us is starting to melt away each time I get to read a little more about you and your family.)

...you're it!


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krista said...

It has been fun to discover what an amazing woman you've become! Thanks for being a good sport and playing "tag."

If you ever want to run a race....like say, the Chicago Marathon, let me know!