Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break, the Cliff Notes...

So here's the deal. I had great intentions of updating our Spring Break adventures daily on the blog. Obviously that didn't happen. Various internet access during the house remodel, limited computer use due to the fact it's in mom and Rod's bedroom and they are early to bedders, limited energy due to being a single parent all week. Various reasons. So he's the digest version.

We had a great trip. Picking up after my last post...

Tuesday was the Grandparents Hall day. Everyone was there for a short chat. Of course we had to get our annual (or as close as we can get) 5 generation photo. Look at those pretty ladies!

For some reason the whole lot of us were tired and cranky on Tuesday night. So we all went to our corners and vegged a bit after "taco Tuesday" night. I did laundry as we only packed 3 days worth of clothes (plus what we wore when we left) so without doing laundry we would have either wore our PJs all day on Wednesday OR gone naked. It's too cold in NE in March to go naked, so I laundered.

Wednesday we got a breakfast visit from Aunt Carol and ran into town to visit Great Grandma Reitz. Lexi is finally getting old enough to remember who everyone is even though we only see them on average once a year!

The rest of the day was spent at home playing in the sun and spending as much time OUT of the car as possible as we would load up on Thursday for the return drive home. Wednesday was also the day Lexi mastered riding a bike without training wheels! Once she figured it out she was unstoppable!

Thursday brought the inevitable...our departure. It's always such bitter sweet sorrow. On one hand we're always so sad to leave as the time between visits is TOO LONG. On the other, we are always so excited to return home to our house, daddy, and our normal routine. It helped that the sun was shining and beautiful the morning we left and that Grandpa Rod was home to snuggle Grandma through the tears.

Our return drive was pretty uneventful. A picnic at the Sutherland rest stop Thursday for lunch. Fun. A coffee treat at Gothenburg (thanks Aunt Kathleen) and one more quick visit. A night at the York Super 8 which included, as promised, swimming. A short stop for a Harley Davidson t-shirt for daddy at Frontier HD in Lincoln on Friday followed by a walk through of the rain forest and aquarium at the Omaha zoo...and then we were home. Back to life as we know it.

A whole album of pictures from our travels can be seen on our Shutterfly sight. Warning...there's a lot...but a week is a long time and a once a year visit is a big deal worthy of lots of photos!

This morning I was back at the studio felt great and I think I was missed. I'm going to be sore tomorrow...but that's ok, it's Easter so we'll spend most of the day in our PJs gearing up for the start of our normal lives again on Monday. Vacation is great...but I'm always glad to get back to normal life too.

Loves to all our family. We had a GREAT time and will remember the feeling of your embraces until our next visit!


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