Monday, February 26, 2007

Weathering the storm...

"It's just like when we go camping."

The words of reassurance we told to Lexi as we cooked our dinner in the fondue pot by candle light and prepared to "camp out" in the living room as a family to finish riding out Saturday's storm. We feel blessed that we're safe, our friends are safe, and that the community has pulled together to clean up the mess and take care of those still in need of basic utility services. We were lucky to have only experienced a 12 hour power outage that we weathered pretty well with games, a movie on the laptop, and camp out cooking that included s'mores. Our yard as you can see in the photos is a mess with downed tree limbs (and a full tree in the front yard), but our house made it through without any damage.

Driving through town is sad. Many of the community's big old trees have sustained some sort of damage, though amazingly enough you see very little damage to cars and houses. Unfortunately there are still those in town who have not had power restored to their homes and downed utility lines are still a common sight. I wish for the continued safety of everyone in our community as we continue to clean up from the storm and brace ourselves for a follow-up system that is suppose to hit on Wednesday.

The destruction aside, it really was an amazing experience. Saturday it was so quiet in town...very little traffic. The snapping and crashing of ice covered tree limps reminded you of nature's power. Sunday morning was still quiet but the sounds of the storm had changed. Now you heard the dripping of melting ice as it worked it's way through frozen branches. The sounds of chain saws, snow blowers, and snow plows could be heard working in all directions as we scooped our drive way in bright sunshine.

Today, nature has come out to celebrate. Lexi spotted two bright red cardinals playfully hopping around in our backyard on the bright white snow. The sun shinning in the windows this morning is warm and the ice that remains on the trees shimmers as it's hit by the sunlight. The amazing power of nature to continue on following the destruction of the storm.

We're ready with our charged flashlights, candles, and gel fuel for the fondue pot should we need to recreate our Saturday night camping experience as this next storm system moves through out area. As long as we're all safe, that's all that matters.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My loves...

My wish for you for this Valentine's Day...that you are as fortunate as I to be surrounded by those you love.

peace...& love