Thursday, December 27, 2007

Welcome Home Tilde...

We were finally able to go pick up our newest family member and Christmas surprise today. Matilda, better known as Tilde, is a 7 week old Cocker Spaniel/Jack Russell mix we adopted from the Lucas County Humane Society in Chariton, Iowa. So far, so good. Introductions have went well and even Jasper seems tolerant thus far. We have yet to make it through our first night (and I'm sure lots of poop and potty accidents) and by the little amount of time she spent in her kennel on the drive home, it could be a noisy night. But how can you resist that cute little face?

Huge a pet you love today!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Surprise...

There's nothing that brighten the spirits like a Christmas Surprise! This year we've had our share of disappointments and stresses, and wonder as we head into 2008 what the new year will bring. After much deliberation, Scott and I came up with a brilliant plan for a Christmas surprise that we hoped would help our current day to day stress just melt away. Something we've been talking about for a while, but hadn't actually made happen. We've been bursting at the seams for the past week trying to keep our surprise a secret. We hope you enjoy sharing this bright moment from our Christmas morning festivities.


Monday, December 17, 2007

In a world of glass...

Early each morning we wake to find the trees etched white from the night's frost.

Frost gives way to glass sculptures as the sun travels west in the clear blue ocean of the sky. Light dances and plays like happy fairies through the many icy branches.

The sun sets. The street lights illuminate. Our glass sculptures stand glistening against the black of night.





Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I am a Biggest Loser junkie. I'll admit it. Not a lot of TV is "appointment TV" for me, but I eagerly await each episode. First, as a trainer/fitness professional, I love to watch for tips/comparrison/validation. Second, as someone who has always struggled with her weight and body image, I find the journey the participants take to be an extremely motivating and inspirational story. I think if you've ever struggled with your weight, for whatever reason, there's always someone to whom you can relate. I would love to go live on The Biggest Loser campus and let Bob put me through the paces for a week. I feel like even with all my education/knowledge, I have so much to learn about my own struggle with weight and body image. I often feel like an imposter in my job because I struggle modeling what I teach...whether it's stress, or fatigue, or just laziness...I too have a hard time putting it all together. At the same time, it just goes to show, it's not an easy task for anyone...not even a fitness professional!

Each week as they show the update of the voted off participant, I get re-inspired to focus on my own struggle once and for all...13 weeks in a row now. Anyway, after looking through my old year book I've been wondering...would it even be POSSIBLE to weigh what I did in high school? Not that, that has been my goal, but don't you always wonder in the back of your mind? (Fess up ladies, you know it's true.)

So today I did the math. At my current weight, 40 pounds heaver than my average weight my senior year, I have approximately 15 pounds MORE lean body weight than back then! (Luckily we did body fat measurements once in gym and for some reason I remember mine!) So, in order to weigh what I did in high school, I'd have to:

A) either lose a rediculous amount of body fat, putting me BELOW the healthy range


B) lose lean body mass in addition to body fat

Being as I'm pretty darn proud of how strong my body is these days, I'm not ok with either of those options. Perspective.

The journey for me continues. I'm glad that even though I continue to struggle with the scale (low rise jeans, swimsuits, and slim fit dresses) I have found the confidence to love and care for my body at whatever size and to appreciate all that it has given me over the years. That in itself is worth so much more than fitting into a size 6...or 8...or 10....or...


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Things I learned while looking through my high school year book with my 6-year-old...

  • 15-years (how long it's been since I was a senior) is a hard concept for a 6-year-old to grasp being as it's more than twice her age!
  • The absence of "Daddy" in photos is abnormal because in her world, we've always been together.
  • Who are all these other people with whom I'm pictured and why doesn't she know any of them?
  • Ironic? This retired (at least for now) assistant basketball coach wasn't even pictured in her high school varsity team photo.
  • Is it bad when you look through the pictures of your classmates and you're surprised that "that guy" was in your class and not a year younger?
  • Yes, even though we didn't think so at the time, we had bad hair too!
  • Senior quotes are stupid, but apparently continue to be a right of passage.
  • High school is like child birth...after a while, even though you know it was painful, all you can remember are the fun times.
  • Even though many of us haven't kept in touch over the years, and even though many of us have changed and gone directions in life we may have never imagined as seniors, I think I'll always feel a sort of primal connection to those individuals with whom I shared the high school experience.

On a related, but separate note: I find it interesting when moments pop up that cause me to unexpectedly revert back to that awkward teenage girl from so many years ago? Why is that?