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A mermaid, a puppy, and a giant balloon...

Another successful Halloween! What fun it was this year to have Lexi help me with the construction of her costume. We had interestingly deep conversations during our sewing amazes what a 6 year old thinks about! Fun was had by all and what a gorgeous coats needed for trick-or-treating!

To top off the holiday, today when Brea and I went to the grocery store, the cashier gave her this giant balloon. It's gone everywhere with her since!


Unexpected Answers...

Soul searching.

I think we all it at some level throughout our lives. And as we age (this coming from a young woman in relationship to the age which I can be expected to live if I'm lucky), I think the searching changes as our life stages change. Sometimes though, many of our searches have a common theme. A theme that helps us to uncover who we are and just what we're looking for.

I've started to notice that often my common theme during these times of wonderment is validation. When it comes down to it, when I find myself questioning something in my life, what I'm really looking for is validation...let me clarify, validation from an outside being/force. Validation that my thoughts, my feelings, my actions are good, correct, well...valid. (This blog is a perfect example as I eagerly await comments on post to validating their content!) Strongly attached to that need for validation is my fear of failing or causing disappointment...and as I'm becoming increasingly awa…

A Grandma and her girlies...

One of the true joys of being a parent for me is watching my Mom be a Grandma. Though the distance between our homes keeps us from seeing each other as often as we would like, the bonds of love are so strong that time and distance melt away when we are together.. Her warm, open, caring spirit shines through, and the girls relish in her affection when we are together. Whether it was snuggling in bed first thing in the morning, walking to and from school, making cinnamon rolls (Lexi's favorite activity with Grandma), or just sitting around relaxing, we truly enjoyed having Mom/Grandma here for her short visit last weekend.

We love you Mom/Grandma! Thank you for the love, for the support, for the comforts. Thank you for just being you!

Celebrating 6...

A sombrero, whipped cream in the face, a surprise visit from Uncle Jason, new shoes, a new hamster (Herman), a new bike, fun things to color, a colorful umbrella, yoga for elephants, a fun night at Fall Festival and a sleep over with a close friend, ice cream, giggles...all great ways to celebrate being 6. Hope you had a wonderful day honey. I love you lots!