Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Brea has a new infatuation with my mp3 player. She asks to listen to it and immediately starts to smile and dance once she's all set. The biggest challenge...keeping those ear buds in those little bitty ears!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And she's off...

So much confidence as she strides down the sidewalk in front of us on her first day of school. Backpack on, lunch in hand, so much excitement she can't stop smiling. Independently she wants to enter the school and walk to her classroom by herself. Mom and Dad aren't quite ready to let go. We talk her into to letting us accompany her to her classroom door.

Hugs for all.

"Brea and I will be waiting for you after school just outside the front door," I tell her as she opens the door to her classroom while choking back a few tears that I don't want to shed in front of her.

"Ok Mom." she says with a grin.

She turns and goes.

The door shuts quietly behind her.

Her first day as a kindergartener has begun.

At lunch time Scott and I stand in the driveway watching as recess ends, searching the playground for our little girl in her striped dress. There she is! Running carelessly to her class line. Friend at hand. A bounce in her step. A smile evident from even 1/2 a block away. She's having a great day.

I anxiously await 3:00 and the ring of the bell. What will she have to say about her first day? Stories to be told I am sure. I will never tire of hearing them.

We love you sweet girl. Congrats on your big step. What an adventure you will have. Enjoy!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Hanging on to summer...

The final days of summer. School starts on Wednesday. No more lazy summer schedule; coffee at 10 on a Tuesday morning; hours spent splashing in the pool in the warmth of the summer sun. For the first time we have a grade schooler in the crowd. While exciting, a new adventure to be had, also an end of an era. A new calendar with which to coordinate our coming and going. I get sappy, emotional, reflective. My little girl, so quickly growing up, testing her independence, amazing us with her knowledge and love of life. The time has come, ready or not, here we go!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's in a name?

One of the fun aspects of RAGBRAI are all the teams that have been created over the years. There are of course organized teams based on common ground, such as military affiliations like Team Air Force who had over 150 riders this year. There are also a number of teams based on charities...Team Relay for Life, Team Livestrong, etc. But a majority of the teams are individuals like our little group, friends who get together and come up with a silly name. My personal favorite, Team Pirate. I mean how fun would it be to be a pirate for a whole week. The number of booty jokes/references alone are priceless. AND they have a really cool bus! There are teams named after animals...Team Cow (who's bikes and clothing look like a herd of milk cows), Team Flamingo (who wear their distinctive pink boas throughout the week), Team Whiners (who's motto is "Fork more Pork."). And of course there are plenty of team names that are just a little bit naughty and suggestive, after all, RAGBRAI for many is a time to let go of reservations and take on a bit of a different persona for a week.

So as we make plans for next year, one of the things our crew needs to consider is our team name. This year we rode "unofficially" as Team Single Brothers and Married Sisters. Team motto (the brothers' creation) "We pedal the bikes, they make the babies." Or shortened its, "We pedal, they procreate." While funny, I'm not sure I'm cool with the implication that I'm only good for "makin' the babies". Not to mention it seems a little exclusive, limiting our membership to those who fit the bill. So I thought I'd explore some other options (yes, my brain has way to much free time and not near enough stimulation!)

Team Tube Sock. Simply because I can't say tube sock without smiling. It's just funny.

Team Peeps. As in "me and my peeps"...a commonly used phrase this past RAGBRAI. Plus I'm sure we could find plenty of ways to use chic references during the week.

Team Yoda. Not because we're Star Wars fanatics, but because Yoda is wise, green, and zenny....just like us :)

Team Salt and Lime. Probably no explanation needed there!

Team Airstream. Our team-mobile next year. I wonder if we can get jerseys with a airstream on them...how cool would that be?

Team Brothers & Sisters. No relationship status indication needed :) If you're on the team, your our brother or our sister. One big happy family!

And my personal favorite (born from the desire to incorporate my yoga practice with the fun spirit of RAGBRAI)....

Team Rub the Budda. Sounds dirty, but it not. (Though I'm imagine the brothers already have some ideas on how to use this to their advantage...)

I'm sure we'll have many heated discussions before a find decision is made. Hopefully over a cold drink with salt and lime. Regardless of the our team name...fun is sure to be had...both on and off the bike!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Camera Clowns...

Lexi went through this stage (and isn't totally out of it yet) where she became a total clown for the camera. Brea is starting to follow suit and my attempts at catching candid shots of her (still or short movie clips) are often met with goofy grins and giggles. They are silly, silly sisters!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

What does it mean?

I bought this t-shirt at the end of RAGBRAI week. It makes me smile.

Today after running some errands, we stopped at a local eating establishment for lunch. Just across the way from us were a couple of kids who kept looking at me and looking at it each other and saying, "But what does it mean?" Pretty soon one of them says I'll give you a dollar to go ask. Neither of them had the guts to actually come and ask me. It gave Scott and I a good laugh.

So an explanation (if you don't know what it means) that won't cost you a dollar....

There's this lotion, lubricant so to speak, that you can use on the chamois in your bike shorts that lessens friction and the adverse effects that can be caused by sitting on a bike seat for hours upon hours. Until last week I've never had a reason to give it a try. My tube of Chamois Butt'r was purchased after day 2 and BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE! (Thank you little bro for the suggestion!) I can honestly say that little tube of lotion was a HUGE reason I was able to make it through the week.

Some would probably find it a bit out of character for me to be wearing such a shirt as this around town. I guess it just depends which "character" they are expecting to encounter. Last week helped me to remember it's ok to let my fun side shine through a little more. A shirt with butt AND butter on the front, pink stripes in my hair (also a little left over RAGBRAI fun)....what next?


Friday, August 3, 2007

Holy Squash Batman...

We have arrived at one of my favorite food seasons of the year...garden harvest time. This year we were lucky enough to have some friends invite us to share their large garden space in the country. I really miss the garden space we had at our little farm house, so you can imagine how excited I was at the offer. While we still planted our tomatoes and herbs here at the house, things that need a little more space to sprawl like squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and pumpkins went in out the the country garden. The one draw back is we only get out there every 3-4 days and at times that's long enough to allow for a giant squash like the one above to grow.

I feel like all of our evening meals (and sometimes lunch too) have been the same as of late...sautéed squash, cut cucumbers with a light dressing, and some sort of meat (usually grilled of course) to round out the plate. Not that I'm complaining by any means! This week we've got to add fresh tomatoes to the mix. For lunch today I whipped up a bowl of fresh salsa. YUMMY! All that was missing was tequila, lime, and Jimmy Buffet.

Tonight it's grilled salmon and skewered squash with couscous salad. How can you not love that!