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Talent identity...

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a whine, simply an outward expression of my inner dialog. I apologize up front if it comes across whiny!

This past week I was part of a discussion about how the members of our biking crew each brought something different to the group which benefited us all. My brother was the biking king, with the power and skill to pull us home everyday. At night he turned on his tour guide persona to guide us through yet one more night of fun. Carlos had "the box"...good for carrying all things including puppies (don't worry, we never did put one in the box)...and was often the peace keeper, the little brother always looking out for the big sisters and keeping everyone together. Elaine is a strong rider with so much confidence. She was happy to lead the pack or to fall back and roll with anyone who needed to go at a bit slower pace...I benefited at the end of several long hot days from this trait of hers. Laura was our morning sunshine. No matter how late we were out the night before, how hard of a ride we had before us, she was always the cheerleader who got us on the road in good spirits. And each of these individuals have perspectives and ideas that helped to create colorful and meaningful discussions throughout the day.

So it made me wonder, what was I bringing to the team? What was my role?

Interestingly enough, I've been having this inner dialog with myself often as of late.
I see so much good in those around me. So many people living a life of passion, expressing themselves in such amazing, artistic, and natural ways. And I wonder, what are my talents? How do I contribute to the world and those around me? What am I not just good at, but what do I do GREAT?

There are some things I can rule out.

1. I am not a domestic goddess! Visit my house and you'll find cobwebs in the corners, soap scum in the tub, and stuff strewn, obviously not in it's designated place.

2. I am not a social butterfly! I do fine in small groups of people who I know well, but large groups of thanks!

(There's probably others traits that should go on this list, but I don't know that my brain is fully functioning yet following last week!)

Then there's the things I'm good at, but definitely not great.

1. My wellness business. I love it and I think I'm a good instructor, but I know there are definitely more passionate, more caring, more knowledgeable, more motivating
individuals out there making a difference in peoples lives.

2. Things athletic in nature. While I've always enjoyed athletic activities, I don't necessarily have a body build that allows one to excel in that area. What success I have had has come from lots of hard work, and even that sometimes isn't enough.

3. Several things artistic. I love quilts, fabric, and the process involved in creating a quilt top. But I often lack the patience to see a quilting project through to the finish...ask my hubby about that fact, he'll be happy to confirm. I also like photography and love spending time capturing color and motion and the rawness of the world and people around me with my camera...but I feel like I lack the ability to see things with an artistic eye, that skill that makes a good photo a great one. Several years ago I took a pottery class just for fun. I loved the feel of the cool, moist clay in my hands, and while I'm proud of the pots I threw, they are heavy bottomed and nothing special in design or color. I also love music and would love to learn to play the guitar. One of those thing on my "To Do" list that I want to experience not because I think I'll be good at it, but just for the process of learning. I know art is quite subjective, and there are those who would argue that I shouldn't second guess my artistic abilities, but when I ask myself "Could I make a living doing something artistic in nature?", I'm afraid I'd have to say probably not.

4. This blog. This blog has been a great outlet for me to express many of the inner dialogs people would often not know go on in my head. But am I a great writer? No. Do I often ramble. Yes. Am I always grammatically correct in my wording? No.Do I always punctuate properly? No...shall we count the number of incorrect commas in this post alone?

5. Being a mom and wife. Of course I know there isn't any set standard to which you can measure these two traits. I love my family deeply and hope that that love shines through in my care of them.

So again, I ask, what am I great at? Maybe it's modesty that keeps me from realizing the impact I have on lives around me. Maybe I'm still on the journey to find that one special thing I have to offer. Whatever the answer, I hope I can continue to bring good to this world and those in my life.



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