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My little swimmer...

When I quit working full time almost a year ago to pursue my dream of making a living in wellness and having more time to just be mom, one of my goals was to be able to involve my kids in things during the work day they often missed out on because they had two full time working parents. This summer Lexi has gotten to take swim lessons at the city pool. What a joy it has been to see her grow in her abilities. Last summer she was still timid enough in the water she didn't want anything to do with any water activities that required her face and head to go in the water. But as with many things, Lexi decides when she ready to take the next step. Much to our surprise last August, at a family reunion, she decided she wanted to try going down the water slide at the water park. So we let her try and even with an initial mishap (it was a tube slide, in the dark, and wasn't ready for the first sharp right hand turn after leaving the start...flip she went on to her belly for the remainder of the ride,) she loved it! Then this winter she went to a birthday party at an indoor pool, coming home so excited to tell me she had went under water at the party like the other kids.

Three weeks ago we arrived at the pool for her first level 1 swim lesson. It took only 2 days for her teachers to move her up to level 2 because she was beyond the basic water exploration skills needed to pass level 1. In level 2 she got to explore swim strokes and kicks, diving, treading water, and even had the chance to jump off the diving board (which wasn't her cup of tea.) Needless to say, even though she is repeating level 2 during the second session of the summer, which starts tomorrow, those 2 weeks helped take her from simple water play to a swimmer. It's been an amazing transformation to watch. Check out some of her swimming skills here.

In addition to her time at the pool for lessons, we sprung for a family pass this year and have been making good use of it with the recent heat wave which has hit Iowa. We often see friends there, both of the kid kind and the adult kind, and it's just a nice way to spend some active time together as a family. The girls and I get the chance to go more during the week obviously, but we try to make sure we drag daddy with us now and then in the evenings or on the weekends too.

Oh the simple pleasures of summer!



Anonymous said…
I love the new videos!! Lexi is really taken off on fun!
I miss those days at the pool with my kids

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