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Just the girls...

One two-bedroom cabin, six girlfriends.

Late nights, heart to hearts, crafts, snuggles, play time, good food, good wine, lots of love, lots of fun & priceless memories.

Loves to you ladies. Thanks for a great weekend.


Upside down...

Yoga has changed my life. I know, it seems like a pretty big claim, but those of you who have had a regular yoga practice of your own will understand where I'm coming from. Yoga is more than just exercise for your body. Over time, with regular practice, it changes not only how your body looks and moves, it changes your mind and your spirit...the very essence of who you are. Thanks to my regular yoga practice, I'm so much more confident with my body. I'm so much more in touch with who I am, physically and spiritually. I'm so much more accepting of the world around me. I'm so much more aware of how I impact that world and those around me. I'm more present in every moment.

Ok, I know there are those of you reading this right now rolling your eyes at this new agey, "crunchy granola" post. That's ok. This post is simply about me and my transformation, not a campaign to get you to try yoga yourself...although you really should :)

Tonight after tea…