Saturday, December 9, 2006

Run Forrest, Run...

Lately I've had this urge to run. I've never really been a runner. I participated in track one season in middle school and for a time when we lived in KC I had taken up with running a couple days a week as a cross training tool to mix with my aerobics teaching load and weight lifting, but for the most part I'm not really a runner. So this urge to run as of late has been strange. I've felt great physically lately having adapted to my teaching schedule at the studio, and even though I'm heavier than I'd like to be, I figured that I'd give a run a try today knowing I could stop if I didn't feel right. Normally it's my knees who scream stop first, so I was fully prepared to slow back down to a brisk walk if necessary.

After a warm-up walk, I cranked up the treadmill. To my surprise, after finding my stride, I felt great. I played with the speed a bit, challenging and resting myself when needed. 40 minutes later, I stepped off the treadmill feeling great. Physically I felt good. Mentally I felt great. I felt empowered and inspired to continue working towards my own personal wellness goals. To continue to make life style changes that promote better health not only for myself but also for my family. Additionally it was one more sign that making the choice to pursue a personal business in wellness has been the right direction for me to take professionally.

While I know my body won't be able to handle the addition of a large number of running miles on top of an already full workout/class schedule, I'm already looking forward to the next chance I have to hit the treadmill...or pavement weather permitting.