Thursday, May 18, 2006

Unexpected surprises...

The best gifts a girl can receive are those that are totally unexpected. It's not about the size, or the cost, it doesn't even have to be a material item, it's simply about the thought. It's about the time and effort someone has taken to show you how much you are loved and appreciated. Today I was the recipient of one of those special gifts.

We've been receiving random gifts in the mail in celebration of the birth of our 2nd daughter, so today when there was an over sized package in the mail box I assumed it was a little outfit or toy meant for Brea. When I glanced at the envelope front however, it was addressed to me and the return address was that of a close friend...Dr. Jen, as we refer to her in our house because well, we friends with about 4 Jens (not including myself). We live a couple hundred miles apart but I had just seen her and her family about 3 weeks ago so I was baffled about what she could be sending me. I at once had to open the envelope.

Inside was a nicely wrapped gift with a card attached with my name on it. I opened the card to find a nice saying about friends and a greeting from Jen wishing me a belated Happy Mother's Day! Instantly my heart grew warm. How very thoughtful and totally unexpected! The gift was that of a book about that I know I will remind me of the special bond we share as I flip through the pages.

A simple gift, but the love it conveys will never be taken for granted. Thank you Jen for being my girlfriend!


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Like father like daughters...

When our oldest daughter (pictured on the left at about 6 weeks old) was born everyone immediately said that she looked like my husband Scott. We didn't know how true that was until we ran across some of Scott's baby pictures (pictured in the middle at about 2 months old). So it shouldn't have been any surprise when our youngest daughter (pictured on the right at about 6 weeks old) was born, that she too would look like her daddy.

Everyone picks out a different feature when they look at pictures of the three and say, "They have the same (fill in the feature)." For me it's the lips. Those adorable little full, triangle shaped lips, lips that even today my husband sports. But really when you compare the photos, you could pick any number of features...the shape of their heads, the round boldness of their eyes, the shape of their nose, their hair lines, even their little chins match. As our oldest daughter aged a bit we also discovered that she was lucky enough to have daddy's dark, long, curly of the many reason I fell in love with my husband so many years ago. I hope our little one is as lucky...I have a feeling she will because at only 7 weeks old her lashes are starting to get full, dark and have a little curl!

As their mother it's almost frightening to not be able to see any resemblance between me and my girls when you compare my baby photos with theirs. In fact in the early months, except for the fact that I carried them in my belly for 9 months, gave drug free birth to them both, and have feed them from my own breasts, it would be hard pressed to find any traits that link us as mother and child. But features change as little ones grow and I can now see little bits of me in our oldest daughter. She has my dark brown eyes and my straight as a stick blond hair. She has the same fullness in her cheeks right under her eyes. We also share the same gap between our front teeth (maybe not the best trait to pass on). I also like to think that my daughter's compassionate nature is something she's inherited from her mother...although when it comes down to it, her daddy is a pretty softy at heart too.

In the end, I'm just so happy that we have been blessed with 2 healthy, beautiful little matter who they look like the most.