Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Easter dress...

We found out this year that there is a big difference between Easter dress shopping with a 3 year old (who really didn't care about which dress we chose and who could be talked into any dress) and Easter dress shopping with a 4 year old whose criteria for a good dress is how well it twirls. This dress, with it's little purple flowers, was Lexi's choice because it won the twirl contest. She so proudly showed off her dress to everyone who visited our house for the 3 weeks that we had it hanging in her closet before Easter and was so excited for Sunday simply because she knew she's be able to wear her special dress. She really is a cutie!

Monday, April 17, 2006

3 weeks old and growing...

I can't believe 3 weeks have already passed since that special morning that Brea decided to make her entrance into this world. We've had some ups and downs. Our littlest munchkin had some jaundice issues due to the extreme facial bruising she experienced at birth. So we spent some time in the hospital letting her "sun" under the lamps and got the experience of using a Wallaby blanket at home for some additional treatment after our hospital stay...but our baby girl is now a healthy pink color instead of looking like she's been dipping into some really bad self tanning lotion. But over all, the past 3 weeks have been filled with joy. I am amazed at how she's grown, how much her face changes each day, and how strong she is! I guess her given name (meaning Strong one) is appropriate!

In addition to the joy of watching Brea grow, watching Lexi bond with her new little sister, and finding out just what it's like to be a family of 4, we've had many visitors over the past 3 weeks. My brother, Scott's parents, my parents, and of course our local friends and family. It's been a special time for family and sharing lots of love. My mom and step-dad's visit was extra special for me because we see each other so rarely...about twice a year. It's amazing to watch my mom with with my girls. It's a wonderful reminder of how special being a mother is and makes me appreciate all that much more all that my mom has done for me and taught me over the past 31 years. Thanks Mom, I love you!