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Go to your special place...'s words of wisdom from my Dove dark chocolate treat.

My special place(s)
Home. It doesn't matter where home is, as long as my family is there.The mat. Yoga for me has created a special inner place that I look forward to visiting each time I go to the mat.In the embrace of a warm and loving hug. What safer place to be than surrounded by the arms of love.Where is(are) your special place(s)? Leave a comment and share!peace!

Back to "normal" life...

While last week I returned to work full time, and this week I return to teaching my yoga classes, having all this extra time to really take a look and appreciate what's important to me has made we think twice about how I enter back into "normal" life. Such as my new normal is going to mean more time to be a mommy and wife and less time serving well, basically everyone else. My new normal means taking time to work in the garden and enjoy the beauty of nature. My new normal means making time to work on Lexi's scrapbook, to find time to quilt, and to take time to take a picture or two. My new normal is making time to work with Lexi on writing her letters and reading her stories and building block towers and dancing in the living room, even if it mean the dishes are still dirty in the sink, the bathroom needs scrubbed, or the carpet needs vacuumed. My new normal means pursuing a professional path that will bring me joy each day instead of just a pay check at the end of …