Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The daily sounds of life...

Not normally being home during the middle of week day, it's interesting to me while I've been at home these past 2 weeks to hear all the sounds that happen around our little house during the day.

Today is Tuesday which means we've already heard the sound of the trash truck and the recycling truck as they came along our curb pick up that which we have tossed out. Those are morning sounds, that I've discovered keeps our Jack Russell (Jasper) a little on edge every Tuesday morning until they have gone.

Then, on a daily basis there's the visit from the mailman. What is it that makes dogs hate mailmen? And the UPS guy? Jasper knows these sounds and the hair starts to stand up on his back as he suddenly turns from the timid "previously abused" pound puppy that he normally is, to the "I'm going to sound really fierce" guard dog.

Then there's the random sounds throughout the day. Our neighbor to the north coming and going in his truck with a glass pack muffler (which we love since he works 2nd shift and is always coming and going when we are trying to go to bed...can you feel the sarcasm?). The random lawn mowers in the neighborhood. Tuesday is normally the day the neighbor to the south mows his lawn, but I have yet to hear the sad "I need a tune up" pulsating hum of his lawn mower. The past couple of nights have brought Iowa storms to the area and a few of the older trees in our neighborhood have had some damage. So today I've been serenaded by the sound of a chain saw as it works to breakdown the fallen branch across the street. And what's this? The sawing has ended and I believe a stump cutter or a shredder is at work now.

Simple sounds of daily life in small town America. Interesting when you get a chance to take a break and listen!


Sunday, June 26, 2005

It takes a village.....

I'm a very independent, "I can do it myself", type of person. So as you can imagine, not being able to do everything myself and needing some assistance with even basic activities of daily living has been difficult since snapping my ankle. But I know that the situation is temporary and before I know it, I'll be back to "doing it all on my own." So, at the same time that I'm hating putting anyone out while needing help, I'm trying to enjoy being pampered a little.

What amazes me is how in my time of need, people are so willing to help without any expectation of something in return. So many times we lose sight of the fact that humans are GOOD, what with all the actions of hate we experience in the world on a daily basis. Take, for example, that my office of 24 people (give or take during the merger) has organized for meals to be brought into our home a couple of times a week, are schlepping me to and from PT and DR appointments (since my husband commutes to work 50 miles away every day, and I broke my right foot so no driving myself for a while), and are helping me to arrange for a telecommuting arrangement so that I can start working from home part time next week...after all, it's my foot that's broken, not my brain! This is just how my office functions. Someone is in need and we all pull together to help...I'm not the only one to benefit from the good will of my co-workers...in fact I'm not the first one to break my ankle since I started working there 4 years ago! I feel blessed to have such great co-workers...and ultimately, such great friends. My office are not the only ones who have offered a helping hand. Actually in some ways the offers for help have been overwhelming! It has amazed me the number of people near and far who have offered words of encouragement, assistance should I need it, and just over all a peaceful feeling of love and caring.

It really does take a village to get through life and I couldn't have asked to be part of a better one. Thanks to all you out there who live here with me!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yoga, in a cast...

Anyone who has a regular yoga practice can tell you that after a while, your practice becomes part of who you are. It becomes part of your mind, your spirit, and your bodily cells. Miss a trip or two to the mat and you start to yearn to move, stretch, and breath.

Well, as you can imagine a broken ankle kinda pulls the emergency break on a lot of things in life, including your yoga practice...as you have known it that is. I broke my ankle Wednesday night, as I lye on the ground waiting for the ambulance to arrive, my yoga breath was an important tool to help me stay relaxed, calm and focused. The next 24-48 hours were a little whirl-wind, but by the time I was feeling more myself on Sunday sitting in the hospital, I decided to explore just how much of my yoga training could be taken advantage of sitting in my fancy "lift this and that" hospital bed.

I started by just breathing. Then some chest openers, a few forward bends and gentle twists. I felt great after just 10 minutes. The following day, my first full day at home, I continued my exploration on the floor and realized that Shoulder Stand, a pose I don't use much with my classes because of their current levels, felt great, helping to relieve the pressure in my thobbing foot. Day 3 brought about a little more flow and some One Legged Down Dog. Today, with my new cam-boot (which is much shorter and allows for deeper bending of the knee) I hope to be able to get into a modified Child's Pose, one of my favorite poses that I've been missing even in my extremely modified practice.

My first day at home I started to realize all the things I COULD do because of my regular yoga practice.

  • Everyone has commented on my great sense of balance, and strength in that balance, a trait I can accredit to Tree, Balancing Half Moon, King Dancer and other on legged balance poses.
  • Need to pick something up from the floor as you crutch by? Warrior III!
  • Need to get up from kneeling in from of the tub to wash your hair (or off the floor because you can't stand another minute on the couch)? Walk those hands back from One Legged Down Dog into a balancing forward fold as you secure the edge of the couch or your crutch to come to a full stand.

It is in large part because of yoga that my body is strong and ready to recover from this incident quickly. And yoga will continue to be a large factor in my positive mind set as I go in to rehab and work towards rebuilding the strength and flexibility in my total body.

Thanks Yoga, for the many gifts.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Be Fearless...

This was the advice on my Dove Dark Chocolate Treasure yesterday. Funny, as it has so much meaning at this point and time in my life. YES...I realize I've been away from this blog for some time now. Not forgotten...just not a priority. Every June at work we have an event that consumes my life for about a month, I recover for a couple weeks following, and then life returns to normal.

EXCEPT this year life has returned to anything but normal. Things at work are a little mixed up right now with the departure of a few key staff members, and the decision to merge our office with another office on campus. Over all, it's going to be a great thing, it's just messy in the mean time. I am hopeful that this will all result in finding a place in all of this merging that better fits my personality and interests. I'll keep you all posted.

THEN, as if our life just wouldn't be complete without a little adversity, I go and break my ankle last week playing rec league coed softball. It was Wednesday night (the late game of course) and surgery, 5 screws, 1 metal plate, and 5 days in the hospital later, I'm home trying to pass time sitting on my couch with my foot propped up 90% of the day. Not so much my personality...if it was for long term I think I'd go crazy...but since I'm strong and active and the surgeon was very happy with how everything went and looks, I'm trying to treat this as a little vacation to catch up on emails with friends, this blog, some good reading, a little video game playing, maybe some 1 and 1/2 leg sun tanning, you know, all those things you should do on vacation :)

My husband has been FABULOUS making sure the house is safe for me to crutch around in, that things are easily reachable, that my clothes are set out for me each morning...isn't that the sweetest. My daughter has turned into a 3 year old nurse asking me how my leg feels, can she help me do anything, and informing everyone that comes through the door or that calls that mommy's leg hurts and we have to be very careful. Every time I get up to hobble someplace she quietly walks behind me, occasionally saying "I'm right here mommy if you need me." My family is unconditional love at it's best!

Since I'm going to have PLENTY of time to write, that's all I'm going to share for now. I've got to go out and catch up on my blog reading...sheesh...I feel like I've been disconnected from the world :)