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Breakfast and Bonsai...

Waffles with strawberries, bacon, eggs and creamy coffee...there's not a better way to start the day. This morning as my Mother's Day treat, my family treated me this meal in the comfort of my kitchen...and my pajamas. Shortly following came a 3 year old bearing a gift bag containing a bonsai starter kit. Today was a special day with my family....but then again every day is special. My heart overflows with love.


Unexpected treasures....

When we moved into our house a year ago this past December, we didn't know what to expect come spring. It was a summer full of discovery as things popped through the ground here and there. Some things stayed or have been moved to other parts of the flower beds to be worked into my landscaping plan, other things went away, either to the brush pile or to friends who replanted. One of the first discoveries in our new yard was the existence of a double row of tulips along the front of our property right next to the street. A weird assortment of tulips are planted in this location. Some red/yellow, some tiny white with pink, and these beauties. The picture doesn't do them justice. The outside of the petals are a soft pink while inside is a world of corally orange. They are splendid. What a nice bouquet to have gracing my table on this mother's day weekend.



Earlier this spring mother nature gave us here in Iowa a little taste of spring...and then stole it away for a week of cold, cloudy...well, Iowa weather. But it's back! Last night as I was leaving work a friend called to see if we (me and the fam) wanted to meet at one of the local restaurants on the patio for drinks and dinner. What a treat. Our girls, only 5 months apart in age, played safely in the grassy area beside the patio while we chatted. It was priceless. I love those impromptu springtime moments. The whole world seems to slow down, to take a step back in time before dual income families, two car garages, and telecommuting.

The weekend promises more of these moments...some time in the sun, weeding the flower beds, blowing bubbles......the possibilities are endless.


Two way street...

We live in a small mid-western town of about 9000 people. Our down town "square" has been a one way street for as long as we've lived here (granted 6 years is not long), but most importantly, for as long as most of the current life long residents have lived here. At first, I found the one way streets (for all of ONE city block mind you) annoying. But after a while, you adjust, and then you start to appreciate the uniqueness of the situation. You form habits based on where you are going and where you are coming from.

Well, as of yesterday, May 1st, those streets are now two way. The downtown area will be under going a street renovation that will allow for some utility updating, while updating and beautifying the look of our vibrant down town area. My husband and I joked about not chancing a drive downtown for a couple of weeks while people adjust.

This morning on my way to work, I took my normal route, not even thinking about I don't have to take the Park Street detour …