Friday, April 29, 2005

Upside Down...

Do you ever feel like your life is in the process of turning upside down...or at least a portion of your life. Today I arrived at work to be informed shortly there after that the vice president of my office is leaving us in a month. Not a total shock as the rumor mill had begun a couple days ago...but considering this comes on top of 6-9 months of constant change in our's one of those events that tends to bring you down a bit. , My boss, our director left in January. The nice thing is she's still here at the College, just in a different department. That's the most important fact as she was not only my boss, she's my friend. We have yet to fill her position. Things have actually been going pretty well. Little lack of motivation and direction without a direct leader...but for the most part we're holding down the fort. The biggest issue at this point is the fact in one month we'll be hosting our biggest annual event...alumni Reunion on campus with 600-800 friends and their families. Yippee...can you smell the sarcasm?

It's not that I work in a horrible place. I actually love the's just I'm not in a job which I enjoy. This has been a rough year for me professionally on several levels. So much so that I'm currently pursuing other job possibilities. Will something else work out? Only time will tell I guess. Am I leaving my current position because of all the change? NO, but I fear that's what it will look like to those outside the situation and I do hope that does not reflect poorly on my co-workers or the institution itself.

So I look forward to the next 4-6 weeks with excitement and intrepidation. Change is inevitable, I'm just not sure where that change will take me. For someone who likes the security of stability, it's going to be an interesting time. I just have to remember, growth will come from this experience. There's always a lesson to be learned.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's been a while...

Once again, time has lapsed with no post! How does this happen. The good news...our new lap top and wireless router arrived this past I'm typing from the comfort of my couch instead of the uncomfortable folding chair in our office. Although I'm sure I'll still spend plenty of time in that old uncomfortable chair. I guess I could have saved myself a bit of money by just purchasing a new chair...actually the lap top is technically my husbands. He started MBA classes this past fall and homework will go much smoother with a little more travelability. I didn't realize how many accessories you can by for your lap mice, cooling fans, all sorts of bags and sleeves and safety's almost overwhelming!

So what have I been up to for the past 2 weeks? Well, I attended another weekend of yoga training...level 2. Pulled a hamstring which was a total bummer, and totally unexpected. That put a damper on classes last week and is still bugging me a bit this week, but I think I'll recover. This past weekend I met one of my college girlfriends for our spring ladies weekend gathering. We shopped, ate, stayed up late, talked about anything and everything, and even managed to get a little sewing done :) It was fabulous and I always return home refreshed and renergized.

This coming weekend will bring visitors from the Chicago area. My brother will come to chill and spend some quality time with his niece before heading to Western Nebraska for the summer. His girlfriend will come down for part of his visit, which will be nice as we haven't seen here for a couple of months. I hope she's got good news about grad school...and that the weather is nice enough she can help me weed the flower beds :)

I've decided our house is in need of some major decluttering and spring cleaning. Everything outside is growing like crazy, the air is crisp and clean, and I want our house to be the same. It amazes me how pack ratty we get each winter! I guess I'm just glad I go through these cleaning frenzies each spring to alleviate the issue.

So, while nothing overly exciting has happened since I last sat down to has been good.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Holy Cow...

Wow! I can't believe that 2 weeks have gone by and me with no post. So much has happened in that 2 weeks.

One...I had 2 days of Yoga teacher training April 2nd and 3rd. It was tiring, but fabulous as always. It was nice to refresh my knowledge on teaching some of the pose modifications and special considerations that I've forgotten over the past year. It was also a great refresher to prepare for 2 days of yoga training this coming weekend...Level poses and hands on adjustment training. I'm so pumped.

Two...I had plans to go to Chicago this past weekend, then they were cancelled. Within 3 hours of cancellation I had completed re-filled my Saturday with events and friends. So my weekend was spent...Friday night cleaning house then out with the girls...Saturday watching my hubby (and his newly shaven head) play some volleyball, shopping, eating, a cook-out, a charity auction (of which I came away with gift certificates for a massage, an acupuncture appointment, and 2 tickets to The Doors concert in Des Moines in 3 weeks)...and Sunday yard work and sunshine. All in all...a fabulous weekend!

It really does feel like more than that has happened in 2 weeks, but I guess the day to day operations of life has just kept me busy. I haven't even had time to check my "home" email is just busy. Especially now with the nicer weather and chance to do outdoor activities.

I love spring in Iowa. It always amazes me how one week, things can be brown and winter like...the next, spring has exploded and life has sprung forth from everywhere! We had to mow our lawn already and today we've had rain on and off all day...which means in 3 days, we'll have to mow again. Spring reminds me of growing up on a farm were each year we looked forward to "calving season" and the arrival of a whole new herd of baby calves. Here in Iowa the soil is dark and rich...much different than the light colored sandy soil in Western Nebraska where I grew up. But one thing is the same...the smells of spring. I love the smell of freshly turned earth as the farmers prepare for planting. It reminds me of my grandpa, Ed Reitz, who loved farming and sharing his knowledge and love with his kids and grandkids. I love the smell of rain...something we get regularly here in Iowa, much more regularly than Western Nebraska. I love the smell of cool dewy mornings...they type that you wake up to, windows wide open and a whole pile of blankets keeping you warm and snuggly in bed. I just love spring. It's a season of joy and of change and I look forward to refreshing my spirit each year as the earth renews itself.

I've got to call it a night for now...5:45 am yoga will come quicker than I care to acknowledge. I'll try not to let it be 2 weeks before I post again. We just ordered a new lap top and wireless router :) I'm hoping that will allow for a little extra BLOG time :)